Course about arranged photography in English! (50% discount)

In this course you will find about 70 slides with important information focusing on:

- photo shoot preparation

- choosing a model for the concept of your picture

- what to look out for when choosing styling

- basic work with composition

- how to work with a natural light

- basics of a fast and effective post production

- technical basics

In the end I will summarize everything with my best photos, where I demonstrate how I use the knowledge that I introduced to you in the first hour and a half of this course.


Selfmade video with the knowhow and without unnecessary sauce 🙂 (2 hours)

I summarize the basic knowledge I have gained over 10 years of my photography career. Simple and effective observations and advice.

You will receive video after purchase.
Review:Matúš HorvathI am following Mrs Novaks work for quite a some time now, since I am also interested in creating a fineart style of photos and photo storytelling. I decided to buy an english digital course about arranged photography of hers and for sure it gave me a lot to think about, it has much more intuitive approach than technicalities, so i am convinced it can help anybody, even more advanced photographers. It contains a lot of informations about "what not to forget about" and guides you through Marketas thought process from the start (preparations) until the end (editted photo). Shortly: - For advanced photographers, you can take a sneak peek into Marketas unique thought process, and it definitelly unique is, maybe you will even find something you are forgetting about in phase before photoshooting, during one, or in the postprocess.- For begginer photographers, this video can be a complete guide for you to follow, maybe later edit it to your liking and create your own unique process or style.Video is not for you, if you are looking for deep explanations of retouches or "math" behind edits, but there is a lot of photographers and retouchers explaining them .

Course about arranged photography in English!

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